Hi, my name is Sofie, a dedicated, result-oriented and innovative individual, currently working as a Project Manager at PwC in Stockholm. My educational background includes a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration from Linköping University, Sweden, a Bachelor´s degree in International Business from BBA INSEEC, France and a Master´s degree in IT Project Management, Information Systems, from DePaul University, USA.

I have a passion for adventurous trips, friends, sport and to learn new things. What others say about me is that I am communicative, hard-working, motivated, a team player and that I am innovative.

During the week in Silicon Valley, my responsibility was to collect information of how the companies work with, and think about, input e.g. what decides if an idea should go into process and where/how they seek for input. The week in Silicon Valley was by far the most interesting and exciting week during my time as a student. Indeed, increased my motivation to work hard, to realize the truth about being surrounded an IT Cluster, the importance of partnership and much much more. Concluding, I would recommend this trip to anyone and I couldn’t be be happier having the opportunity to being part of it.